Rice and Chicken #CelebrateYourHeritage



For rice :

30ml oil

1 tsp crushed garlic

1 cup Tastic Long Grain white rice

2 cups chicken stock

1 Tbsp Robertsons Cajun Creole spice

1 cup mixed veg

For Chicken:

30ml oil

6 chicken pieces

2 Tbsp tomato puree

1 red pepper, chopped

1 onion, chopped

2 Tbsp Knorr Tasty chicken soup

1 Tbsp chicken spice

1 Tbsp Cajun Creole spice

1 tsp dry thyme

2 cups, chicken stock

Cherry tomatoes, handful (optional)

Baby spinach, handful ( optional)


Rice :

Heat oil in pot, over a medium heat.

Add garlic and rice, cook for 2 minutes

Add chicken stock, Cajun spice and mixed vegetables.

Leave to cook until the rice is soft

Chicken stew:

Heat oil in a pot and brown chicken pieces, remove and set aside

Add onion and red pepper, and fry for 2 minutes

Add spices and herbs and fry for a further 1 minute

Return chicken to the pot, add stock and tomato puree and leave to cook for 30 minutes,

Mix soup powder with a little water to form a thick paste, add paste into stew

Add spinach and cherry tomatoes, then leave to cook for a further 10 minutes or until stew has thickened


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